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On Hunting Boar’ is the first and preeminent digital site for books on hunting boar in California and worldwide. Earlier versions of the website contributed to the boar hunting community since at least 1989. Our first book on hunting boar goes back to a time when there was virtually no information on wild boar hunting on the Internet.

Today hunting boar is no longer our exclusive topic. We now also cover hunting in general, big game hunting, upland game, waterfowl and other hunting specialties.  We are keeping hunters up-to-date with important legal and regulatory information as well. And address concerns about wildlife habitat  and the environment.

On Hunting Boar features foremost our boar hunting  books, hunting tutorials and other select boar hunting related materials. These materials are of an educational nature. They are not daily news and developments.

Read about daily events and developments related to boar hunting in our sister publication, the California Hunting Post. A direct link connects you to the California Hunting Post with a wide choice of articles on boar hunting and hunting other big game. We also have printed information on hunting upland game and other hunting specialties. Important  fishing news will soon become part of our selection of books and manuals. Last but not least, the daily California Hunting Post also covers environmental concerns, habitats and law enforcement.

Use the navigation buttons in the main menu to move around the site. And feel free to contact us with your questions and suggestions or to contribute to this site or the California Hunting Post.

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Peter Jaeckle
Editor and Publisher